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  • Walk along Porto’s streets on a 3-hour guided tour. Discover its most important buildings, visiting monuments dating from the 12th to the 19th century. Admire the Cathedral, Clérigos Church, the São Bento railway station, Aliados Avenue, the Bolhão Market, the Carmo and Carmelitas church, the Lello bookshop. Visit Porto Ribiera with a stroll along the Duro river
  • Embark on a unique journey to Braga that will take you to the heart of Portugal’s rich heritage. Our experience is a journey through time, taking you back to the history that shaped this captivating nation.
  • . Explore the streets of Guimarães, steeped in history and medieval atmosphere, known as the cradle of Portugal.
  • Travel from Porto to Lisbon and enjoy a stop in Aveiro, a city on the west coast of Portugal set along a lagoon called Ria de Aveiro. It’s distinguished by its canals navigated by colorful boats (barcos moliceiros),
  • Experience live Fado this evening at an excellent Fado Restaurant. Fado refers to the national song style of Portugal and is deemed of cultural importance to Lisbon and therefore protected by UNESCO
  • In Lisbon we will discover Alfama, a typical and old neighborhood where you can meet the heritage culture and the local life, with mysterious alleys and side streets that gather houses, people, and stories.
  • Journey to Sintra. Sintra’s undisputed highlight is the 19th-century Pena Palace’s most incredible combination of architectural styles, colors, and shapes, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a fairytale. Followed by coastal drive, spotting several sandy beaches hidden within the cliffs, protected by the 17th-century fortresses along the coast.
  • Travel to Lagos for 3 nights. Lagos is a colorful and characterful town in southern Portugal’s Algarve region. It’s known for its walled old town, cliffs, and Atlantic beaches.The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Lagos combines perfectly traditional Portuguese culture and beautiful beaches. A perfect place to unwind from our previous busy days of the tour and slow down to the pace of Portugal.