Expert Guides

At Anam Cara, we prioritize collaboration with local guides, hotels, and tour companies to create unparalleled travel experiences. We are dedicated to researching the most captivating optional activities, tailoring portions of your travels to suit individual preferences, working with local guides to craft novel and unique itineraries in awe-inspiring destinations.

Over 20 years ago, Jim Cramer founded Spirit Tours. It has been an amazing journey, filled with spiritual deepening, personal growth, and priceless memories. Jim now provides counseling for Travel and leads a few tours a year. Here are some of my trusted guides and friends.

Tshering Jamtsho Bhutan Tshering Jamtsho from Bhutan can be rated among the first well-trained tour leaders in the country. He has extensive knowledge in the field of tourism in Bhutan. His understanding of Buddhism, Bhutanese culture, history and environment has earned him many friends around the globe. and through these networks he has also been invited as a guest speaker to speak at the California institute of Integral Studies on Buddhism and local Bhutanese deities. Tshering Jamtsho is today one of the leading tour operators in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Aracelli Alava Peru  Aracelli Alava De Pinho, Our Spirit Tours representative in Peru worked for Peak Travel North America and graduated from Ricardo Palma College and speaks English, Spanish and French. Ara helps coordinate our Machu Picchu journeys to ensure our journey is magical and sacred.

Johnny Calderon Monge Naturalist Costa Rica Jhonny is a trusted associate and friend of mine for over 15 years. He is an excellent naturalist in the La Fortuna area of Costa Rica. He coordinates rafting trip, nature hikes in the Arneal Volcanoe area of Costa Rica

Hiroko Japan Is a former Public elementary teacher and now a wonderful guide who led a recent tour to Japan. Very experienced in guiding gardens, history, ceramics and culture and knowledgeable and speaks excellent English. Has many VIP clients and is a board member of Institute for Japanese Cultural Exchange and Experience.

Janet Pullen France Author of the book “Secrets and Shodows” has led many tours with me to South Western France studying the Cathar Culure and visiting thier sacred sites.

Olivia (France) has co led many tours to the south of France with me and now has formed her own company specializing in Spiritual Travel to France . She and now her guides take great pride in delivering what is superior service

Tuday Bali is wonderful guide and has led many tours to Bali with me. He is availabe for individual hire as a guide and driver in Bali.

Shamiel Modak Capetown South Africa We have had many glorious days with Shamir exploring Capetown and the Cape Peninsula. He provides excellent insights into the culture past and present.Cape Utopia Travel

Noirin Ni Rain Ireland is an Irish singer, writer, teacher, theologian, and authority on Gregorian Chant She is primarily known for spiritual songs, but also sings Celtic music, . Nóirín visits with my groups going to Ireland.

Air Reamsam Thailand Is co founder of Bangkok Tours.. She and her guides share their passion for Thailand showing travelers popular site and hidden gems in Thailand